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    Hi!    I'm KP (Karen Peterson).  I live in Colorado and love the mountains
        - pretty simple.
        So, why do I have this website?  Mostly for fun and to do something
        I've picked a few of my adventures to elaborate on - for friends or anyone
        I was inspired to do this website by my friend Todd Smith, who has one of
        his own at  He has his own adventures, pictures, and
        some useful information for those interested in GEAR.
        I have some thoughts on gear myself, and I love lists - so, I have lists of
        lists.... if you're interested.... go to Packing Lists.
        And For Ruth?  Well, first we have to get her a computer, I guess!  But,
        she asked me for a list of my adventures - so here it is.
        If you want to contact me write to

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